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Why Does My Window Tint Have Bubbles?

We have all seen it before, but what causes the big nasty bubble on the back nasty bubbles in the window tint, mainly seen on the back windows. Not only does the bubbled window tint look bad, it also makes driving and seeing out your rear window difficult. So bubbled window tint is bad, but what causes it to happen? There are a few main reasons you might experience bubbling in your window tint! These usually stem from quality of film, age, or improper installation.

Before we begin, it is important to note that if you have just gotten your windows tinted and are seeing bubbles this is completely normal and happens as the film cures. This article will discuss more about bubbling in window film that has already had time to cure. To learn more about bubbling and cure time of window tint:

Not All Tint Is Created Equally

Unfortunately, not all window films are created equally. Cheap tint looks good when it is first installed but generally begins to fail within 1-3 years. Signs of window tint that are not high quality are window tint that begins to turn purple, fade, or look hazy.

Changes in temperature, and natural weathering your car’s glass experiences everyday; low-grade window films typically don’t last long. Window tint is essentially plastic, so extreme heating and cooling causes cheap tint to fade and breaks down the adhesive. Without functioning adhesive the tint can no longer conform to the curved shape of the glass and begins to bubble and crack.

Different Types of Bubbles

There are a few different types of bubbles you may see when inspecting a car’s window tint. Water bubbles, air bubbles, and trash bubbles.

Water Bubbles- These bubbles are very common in the first few days/weeks of an installation. This water will evaporate and is nothing to be concerned of.

Air Bubbles- Large air bubbles are the ones I just mentioned, they are usually an inch or more in diameter and are caused by tint/adhesive failure. Small air bubbles (¼ inch or less) can be caused by an improper installation, but are pretty uncommon.

Trash Bubbles- These extremely small bubbles are caused by tiny dust and debris specs caught in between the glass and the tint. An absolute perfect tint job is not possible with even the best of installers, however experienced window tint installers will know how to minimize this.

What Can You Do?

  1. Before you get your windows tinted make sure it is by an experienced installer, who uses a high quality film

  2. Get a Lifetime Warranty-- High quality films like Llumar Window Films include a lifetime warranty, therefore even if you had issues it would be replaced for free.

  3. Get the old faded window tint removed ASAP! The longer a cheaper or low quality film is left on your windows, the harder and more costly it’ll be to get it removed

No one else in Bridgeport, WV provides window tinting like we do. We use Llumar Window Film as they are the best in the business with the best customer service and warranties.

Professionally installed window tint can reduce heat in your car in the summer and retain heat in the winter, reduce glare coming into your car making it safer to drive, reduce the amount of damaging UV light in your car, and it makes your car look great!

Call us about the best window tint options for your car and lifestyle today! Make an appointment at 304-710-0380 or visit our website.

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