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Ceramic Coating, Window Tinting, Vinyl Wraps and more! Contact us here at Shade9 about customizing and protecting your Semi-Truck

Semi Truck & Trailer: Features


At Shade9, we are up to date in current DOT regulations as well as local state laws. To be able to provide you window tinting on your semi without worry. Our premium grade ceramic films offer the best heat rejection on the market.


Our Ceramic Pro ceramic coating products will have your rig looking shinny and clean year round! These products will also protect against road grime, harmful UV rays, and swirl marks.


Paint Protection Films can help prevent your rig from rock chips, door dings, scratches and other cosmetic damage. Our PPF films, are self-healing and high quality to provide you lasting protecting

Semi Truck & Trailer: Recent Work

Semi Window Tinting

Commercial vehicles, especially semi-trucks undergo very long journeys, making window tinting near essential to prevent UV damage and harm to both the driver and the rig. Window tinting is the optimal way to prevent exposure to harmful UV rays, radiation, heat, and glare. Here at Shade9 we are ready to help with just that! Call 304-710-0380 to get a free quote on your semi window tinting.

why tint a semi truck?

Semi trucks are on the road for very long journeys, and creating a comfortable cabin is important. Truck drivers are sensitive to sun exposure, glare and heat: sometimes they spend days on the highway. That’s why both the windshield and the side windows of a semi-truck must have quality films installed. There are many options in terms of window tinting shades and film types from darker films to virtually clear ceramic films. Here at Shade9 Window Tinting in Bridgeport, WV.

window tint laws for semi's

Semi-trucks don’t fall under the same laws as other vehicles: their side windows can be tinted with films of 70% visual light transmission. As for the windshield, it can also have a minimum of 70% VLT film installed.

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