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Looking to customize and protect your Harley Davidson or UTV in Bridgeport, WV? Look no further than Shade9! Our services include ceramic coating, window tinting, vinyl wraps, and more. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and give your ride the protection and style it deserves.




Ceramic Coating can protect your Harley Davidson from harmful UV rays and road grime. Our Ceramic Pro products here at Shade9 also add great shine to your ride.


Shade9 Window Tinting & Protection in Bridgeport, WV provides top-notch ceramic coating, vinyl wraps, and window tinting for Polaris Rangers and side-by-sides. With our expertise, clients can expect professional and efficient service and exceptional results.

Looking to get your RZR or side by side tinted? Here at Shade9 in Bridgeport, WV we have high quality window films including ceramic window film to reject heat and glare!

Ceramic coating your Harley, side by side, or UTV can add gloss, protect against harmful UV rays, and make cleaning a breeze!

Looking to add a customized look to your side by side or RZR? We do full vinyl wraps and graphics for side by sides here at Shade9!

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Polaris Ranger Window Tinting

Is your Ranger ready for the trails this summer? Make sure it is with Shade9 Window Tinting & Protection's professional window tinting services for Polaris Rangers in Bridgeport, WV. Our expert team uses high-quality materials to provide superior UV protection, heat reduction, and privacy for your vehicle. With our top-notch solutions, you can take on the summer heat with confidence and style. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the difference that Shade9 can make for your Polaris Ranger.

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