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commercial SOLAR window tint

Efficiency and Comfort Combined

Escape the need for heavy curtains or room-darkening shades to find respite from the sun. Instead, discover the perfect balance of brightness and outdoor views through our exceptional commercial window tinting solutions. Our advanced solar films are specially engineered to deflect intense UV rays, excessive heat, and irritating glare, effectively enhancing comfort while safeguarding your valuable furnishings. Say goodbye to compromising between natural light and comfort – our commercial window film application offers the ideal solution for commercial window tinting. 

Solar Films are available in clear, tinted, and reflective options for your own unique style.


transform your space with commercial window tinting

Experience Unmatched Comfort and Protection with Shade9's Commercial Window Tinting. Our Llumar solar films enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight while eliminating undesirable heat, glare, and harmful UV rays. With a variety of film configurations and advanced technologies, we offer options to suit every commercial building's architecture and owner's preferences.


From enhancing privacy to reducing energy costs, our solar control window films cater to unique requirements. Backed by a manufacturer's limited warranty, our commitment to quality ensures your trust and confidence. Choose Shade9 for commercial window tinting and transform your workspace with superior comfort and peace of mind.

how solar films work?

Solar window film is a remarkable solution crafted to harness and manipulate the various wavelengths of sunlight. As the sun radiates its energy, it emits three distinct forms of radiation: visible light that illuminates our surroundings, infrared radiation that generates heat sensations, and UV radiation that poses risks to floors, interiors, and skin. With its ingenious design, solar window film is engineered to selectively block out all but the beneficial visible light wavelengths, offering a harmonious balance between natural illumination and comprehensive protection. Step into a world where solar energy is harnessed, enabling you to revel in the light while keeping the harmful elements at bay.


industry leading warranties

Our company offers some of the finest solar film products available and places a significant emphasis on training and certifying our installers to guarantee that you receive a durable and high-quality solution. Our residential window tinting includes a manufacture backed lifetime warranty!


Reduce Glare

solar window film options

Ceramic Tint

These films provide minimal change in exterior apperance with impressive energy savings. These films reject 99% of harmful UV rays, reduce heat intering your home, cut back on glare, and prevent fading of furniutre. Ceramic window tint is recommended for homes, historic buildings, retail spaces, coastal locations, hotels, commercial offices, public buildings and health care facilities.

Dual Reflective Tint

Dual Reflective window films are our most common window film. These films offer low interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity for excellent views outside. Dual relective films are suggested for applications where heat, glare, and privacy are main concerns. 

Spectrally-Selective Window Tint

These films are virtually invisible, but provide excellent heat rejection and energy savings.   They’re made with advanced technologies that single out regions of the solar spectrum resulting in a film that lets in more light than heat. Great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important. These films are ideal for storefronts, commercial buildings, and homes that need minimal light control and maximum heat protection.

Neutral Series

Neutral series films reject heat and save energy with low reflectivity. These films are available in strong color tones. These films are favorites for residential and commercial applications for high visibility. 

Low- E Window Tint

Low-e films provide a barrier of installation to windows that provide year round energy savings. By maintaining a constant temperature, your home will be more comfortable. Low emissivity films are perfect for residential and commercial applications where energy conservation is of primary importance. 

Safety Films

Safety and Security Films are made of think polyester bonded with the industry's strongest adhesives to provide a barrier from glass shatter. These films aid with protecting against crime, vandalism, and natural disasters. 

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