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Paint Protection Film: Services


Paint protection film, also known as clear bra, is an essential asset in keeping the condition of your vehicle’s painted surfaces looking its best. Paint protection film offers powerful protection against rock chips, bugs, salt, road debris and premature degradation of your paintwork. As your Premier Paint Protection Film Installation Center in Bridgeport, WV we can provide long lasting protection to your vehicle.

About ppf

Paint Protection Film is your car or truck’s virtual bodyguard, using a super strong and clear layer of protective film that keeps your car or truck paint from damage and will actually help maintain your vehicle’s value.


Paint protection ensures that the paint on your car lasts as long as possible. Protect your investment by having clear paint protection film put to the most important components of your car or to the entire vehicle.


Paint protection is the best defense against the elements, acid rain, rocks, sand, road debris, insect acids, and bird droppings. Paint protection is critical for keeping your automobile’s paint looking new and preserving the new car shine for years to come.

This film can be removed at any time, and doesn’t require any special chemicals to remove it, if you choose to remove it later on.

About PPF

LLumar Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film: About


Paint Protection Film (PPF), also know as “Clear Bra”, is a clear adhesive film applied to the painted surfaces of a vehicle to protect from rock chips and debris from the road. At Shade9, we tailor specifically to the design of your vehicle and also customized to the way you drive it. From our standard protection kit, to a completely custom full vehicle wrap, we offer more combinations of clear bra coverage than anywhere in the Bridgeport, WV area.


Avoid Day To Day Road Damage

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Shield Against Nicks and Scratches

Clear and Invisible to Match Your Vehicles Finish

Provide Stain Resistance

Ensure Years of Satisfaction

Add Surface Durability

What Makes our installs different?

Your search for PPF has lead you to the right place! Here at Shade9 we are not your typical tint/PPF shop. Here at Shade9 you deal directly with our main installer through the installation process.

Once your vehicle arrives at our facility, it is treated better than our own. We go the extra mile to decontaminate your vehicle both chemically and mechanically before the application of PPF to insure a clean installation. Our highly trained paint correction specialist insure all containments are removed prior to installation. Not only does this insure a cleaner look to the film, it also promotes the film to last longer as it has a clean bond to the surface.

With years of experience we are highly trained in "wrapped edges" which online pre-cuts and traditional shops are unable to offer. Pre-cuts still leave an exposed edge on the side of the vehicle. With our high-tech software and trained experience we are able to modify computer templates for a better fit to your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film: About

PPF Packages



starting @ $399


- Partial Hood
- Partial Fenders



starting @ $750


- Full Front Bumper



starting @ $999


- Partial Hood
- Partial Fenders
- Full Front Bumper
- Mirrors



starting @ $1999


- Full Hood
- Front Fenders
- Full Front Bumper
- Mirrors



custom pricing only


- Full Vehicle - Hood

- Front/Back Bumpers

- Side Mirrors

- Full Fenders

- Rocker Panels

- Side Doors

- Door Cups

- A-Pillars/Roof

- Truck and Trunk-Hatch