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uv blocking Window Film 

Prevent Fading With Window Film & Protect Your Loved Ones

The need for UV Blocking Window films varies greatly from wanting to protect flooring, drapes, and decor to health concerns. As your Authorized Llumar Select Pro Dealer, we can provide you a window film that provides 99% UV protection. Our window films are also accredited by the National Skin Cancer Society and EnergyStar.

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Anti-Fade Window Film 

Prevent Fading With Window Film

what causes fading?

Fading is primarily caused by solar radiation, including UV radiation, solar heat, and visible light. UV radiation, comprising 40% of the fading process, accelerates the breakdown of materials like wood, fabric, and plastics. Solar heat and visible light, each contributing 25%, penetrate through windows and gradually cause materials to lose their color vibrancy and degrade. Other factors such as humidity, chemical exposure, and material quality also play a role in fading, albeit to a lesser extent.

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benefits of home window tinting

  • Cut Down on Heating and Cooling Expenses

  • Enhance Your Home's Exterior Charm

  • Revitalize Aging Windows and Boost Energy Efficiency

  • Skip the Hassle of Permits and Save Money Compared to Window Replacement

  • Elevate Daytime Privacy with Residential Window Tinting

  • Optimize Your Views by Minimizing Glare

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Tinting your home for health concerns

According to information provided by The Skin Cancer Society's website, window tinting offers significant health benefits by blocking up to 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, particularly UVA rays that can penetrate window glass. This protection helps reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature aging caused by sun exposure indoors. Additionally, window tinting can enhance comfort by minimizing glare and regulating indoor temperature, making it a valuable investment for both residential and commercial spaces.

quick quotes & Scheduling


Examination of the location, windows, and clients desires are collected. This is either done through in person walk throughs or provided pictures


Our team puts together a quote with choices and pricing that is provided. We can provide you FREE SAMPLES! To confirm your film choice.


Installation is scheduled once materials are ordered following a deposit on materials.


Our install the film per specifications and clean the interior of the windows. This process includes the cleaning of the interior windows and installation of the film.


Final walkthrough is made for a quality check. Final payment is made. You will receive your manufacture backed warranty via email!

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