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LLumar Window Films of bridgeport, wv

The Highest Quality of Auto, Residential, and Commercial Window Film in the Industry

If you are looking for the best window tinting in West Virginia, look no further. Here at Shade9 Window Tinting we are dedicated installers for Llumar Film Products. Produced by Eastman Performance Films which is the world's leading manufacturer of high performance window films and paint protection films that are used for automotive, residential, and commercial applications. With over 60 years of experience, Eastman Performance Films has a wide range of products to meet the needs.

Little Girl in Car

Automotive Window Films

Llumar automotive window tinting provides you a confident ride that comes from knowing you and your family are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat and glare. Here at Shade9 we stock a variety of Llumar Window Film Shades, you can choose a look that not only rejects heat, but also adds your touch of style to your vehicle.  No matter how much time you spend in your car, you deserve the comfort, style and protection of LLumar auto window films – the most trusted brand on the market.

Residential window films

Adding Llumar home window tinting helps control the sun to help you live in greater comfort. The sun can make certain rooms feel too hot or filled with glare. Not to mentions harmful UV rays can cause fading to your hardwood floors and furniture. Llumar home window tint can provide you comfort and protection your family is needing in your home. Plus, you'll save on cooling cost!

Home Schooling

High Performance, Protection, and Style

Fade Protection, Energy Savings, and Comfort



commercial  Window Films

Lower energy cost, reduced glare, and add privacy

Your clients, customers, and employees can all suffer from glaring sun, heated hot spot areas, and harmful UV rays. Not to mention that this causes rising heating and cooling cost. You'll be doing good business if you choose LLumar window films. Whether you are looking for comfort, lower energy cost, enhance privacy, anti graffiti films, or security window film Llumar commercial films exceeds our customers expectations.

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