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Legal window tint wv

Window tinting your vehicle is legal in the state of West Virginia. However, it is important to note how dark of window tint is legal. Below the darkness's of window film are listed for each specific vehicle type and application. If you still have questions about what is legal for you vehicle, reach out to team here at Shade9!

Small Cars & Hatchbacks


legal window tint in wv for small cars

Front Windows: 35%

Back Windows: 35%

Back Windshield: 35%

Trucks & SUV

legal window tint in wv for SUVs and Trucks

Front Windows: 35%

Back Windows: Any Darkness

Back Windshield: Any Darkness

Front Windshield


legal window tint in wv Front Windshields

Non-reflective tint allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield

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