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west Virginia's best commercial window tinting Service 

Lower energy costs and increase tenant comfort with commercial window tinting

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solar control & glare reduction

Commercial Window Film

Our Solar Control and Glare Reduction window films provide the BEST technology on the market to your business. These films block a tremendous amount of heat! Adding solar control films to your windows will reduce the amount of heat coming through the glass and provide energy savings. 

Our Solar Control films also block 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause fading.


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Llumar Performance Window Films have some of the best techonology when is comes to home and business window film. Which allows us here at Shade9 to provide a film for almost every situation. We have privacy films, heat rejection and solar control films, and films to reduce fading. These films come from virtually clear ceramic films, to dark 5% mirrored finished films.


commercial window tinting benefits:

1. Increased tenant comfort and reduced tenant complaints
2. Tenant retention due to more usable space – eliminates hot and cold spots
3. Updates building appearance without changing the overall exterior appearance
4. Rapid return on investment
5. Reduce tenant complaints and increase tenant comfort
6. Provides a more uniform appearance of a building
7. Save on heating and cooling causes by filtering what is allowed in and out of your windows.
8. Protect your employees, merchandise, and equipment by blocking 99% of UV rays.
9. Stop glare from direct sun, snow, water, or surrounding buildings.
Energy saving window film reduce utility costs up to 15%


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At Shade9 we offer free consultations for our commercial window tinting services. One of our tint specialists will meet with you to determine the perfect film choices for your needs and budget.

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our process


Examination of the location, windows, and clients desires are collected. This is either done through in person walk throughs or provided pictures


Our team puts together a quote with choices and pricing that is provided. 


Installation is scheduled once materials are ordered after the client has paid a 50% deposit


Our install the film per specifications and clean the interior of the windows.


Final walkthrough is made for a quality check. Final payment is made.