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Is It Normal To Have Bubbles After Window Tinting?

It can be alarming when you see bubbles in your fresh window tint. You probably have some concerns. However, bubbles in fresh window tint are completely normal. Your window film is applied with a water based solution, and as this film cures to the glass you may observe water bubbles as excess moisture evaporates.

Water Bubbles

Water bubbles are completely normal as your window tinting cures and will go away in the coming days and weeks. These little bubbles are simply caused by moisture that is trapped between the glass and the tint. Allowing your vehicle to sit in the sunlight will allow these bubbles to evaporate. The moisture will, of course, take much longer to evaporate in wet and cold weather, so don’t sweat it if 2 weeks pass and the blisters are still visible. Give it another 2-3 weeks or so, and if they’re still there, consult your installer.

What To Do If You Still Have Bubbles After Cure Time?

If you have had your window tint for long enough for it to cure, and are still experiencing bubbles. It may be time to consult a professional. Other causes of bubbles are air bubbles, contamination, and low quality window film. Learn More About Bubbled Window Tint Here.

To Sum It Up

Window tinting in newly installed window tint is completely normal, if you have bubbles that are present in film that have had time to cure then this might be a more serious concern. We recommend purchasing a high quality lifetime warranty film, like our Llumar Window Film to insure you have nothing to worry about with window tinting.

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