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Winterizing You Car With Ceramic Coating

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Winterize your car with ceramic coatings to protect against road grime and chemicals.

Winter is approaching quickly, so now is the time to plan for your vehicle's protection! So what offers you the best protection for the winter elements? By now you probably have heard of Shade9’s Ceramic Pro Coatings. A question we get asked daily here at Shade9 is “What is the best way to protect my paint?”. We have you covered, and have all the research for you! Lot’s of customers here in West Virginia are concerned with protecting your vehicle from the road salt to avoid rust and damage to your vehicle.

Providing additional protection for your vehicle in the winter time is vital to maintaining the paint, but also wheels and glass. Snow, ice, and road chemicals can cause damage to your vehicle over time. This article will walk you through the products and procedures that will give your vehicle just what it needs before the winter storm.

The gorgeous factory paint on your vehicle can be literally eaten away by road salt. Metal parts of a car come in contact with precipitation water containing carbon dioxide and oxygen. Road salt contains free-radical ions and they come into contact with the precipitation water. After extended exposure to oxygen, iron oxide forms, which speeds up the rusting process. The salt used to de-ice the roads can also be very harmful to your paint if you aren’t careful. A quality paint coating, along with proper maintenance will get your paint through the chilly months. Our ceramic coatings are a great option because they provide longer and stronger protection than typical paint sealant. Ceramic coatings also require minimal maintenance and provide easy cleaning through the winter months.

Another great benefit of ceramic coatings, are ceramic coatings for your windshield. Everyone knows how annoying scraping glass can be, but with a ceramic coating on your windshield it will speed up the penetrates of light snow, ice, and frost. It takes the hard work off of you, so you can more easily push the frosty slush off the glass.

If you would like more information, or you would like to set up a free consultation for your vehicle. You can reach us at 304-710-0380 or reach out for a free quote on our website at As your premier Ceramic Pro Licensed Installation shop located in Bridgeport, WV we look forward to serving you.

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