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Which Window Film Blocks the Most Heat for My Home?

Solar heat gain is a common issue faced by many older office buildings, making it essential to find a cost-effective solution. Instead of costly window replacements, consider the benefits of heat blocking window film for your home windows.

By applying heat control window film, you can effectively reduce solar heat gain without breaking the bank. However, not all window films are equal in their performance. It's important to understand how they work and choose the best window tint for heat reduction if that is the main concern you are wanting to address with window tinting.

What Is Solar Heat Gain?

Solar heat gain occurs when thermal energy from the sun is absorbed by an object, space, or structure, leading to an increase in temperature. When it comes to commercial buildings and homes, solar heat gain specifically refers to the warming effect caused by the sun's heat penetrating through windows and impacting indoor spaces. It's important to address this issue to maintain comfortable and energy-efficient environments within your home or business.

Why Should You Try to Reduce Solar Heat in Your Home?

Solar heat gain is a significant factor that affects the energy efficiency of your home. If your home lacks proper protection against the sun's radiation, you may find yourself relying heavily on air conditioning to maintain a cool and comfortable indoor environment for you and your family.

However, this heavy reliance on AC systems can lead to increased energy consumption and higher monthly utility bills. For larger residential properties and large office buildings, solar heat gain can result in substantial cooling expenses.

To save on costs and enhance energy efficiency, consider upgrading your home windows with heat blocking window film. This cost-effective solution can significantly reduce solar heat gain, allowing you to create a more comfortable living space while lowering your energy consumption and utility expenses. Invest in heat blocking window film and experience the benefits of improved energy efficiency for your home.

How Your Home Window Affect Solar Heat Gain

According to the US Department of Energy, windows can account for up to 30% of the energy used for cooling purposes. The type of windows you have in your home can significantly impact your monthly utility bills, potentially decreasing or increasing them by up to 30%. However, not everyone has the budget or desires the inconvenience associated with complete window replacement.

Thankfully, there is a faster and more affordable solution available: solar control window films. These films effectively reduce solar heat gain through your home's windows without the need for extensive replacements. Upgrade your windows with solar control window films and enjoy improved energy efficiency while maintaining a comfortable living environment.

How Heat Blocking Window Film Reduces Heat in Your Home?

Sun blocking window film consists of numerous ultra-thin layers designed to reject a remarkable 97% of the sun's infrared light, which is the primary cause of solar heat gain.

While this heat control window film effectively blocks infrared light, it still allows the beautiful natural light to shine through your home's windows. You can enjoy the brightness and views without experiencing the accompanying heat. Moreover, heat blocking window films offer another significant advantage by rejecting up to 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays. These rays not only fade furnishings but can also cause skin damage in humans.

Here are the key benefits of solar control window film:

  • Rejection of up to 97% of infrared light

  • Reduction of solar heat gain

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Decreased reliance on HVAC systems

  • Blocking of up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays

  • Preservation of furnishings' lifespan

  • Allowance of natural light into the space

  • Unobstructed viewsInstallation directly on top of existing glass

  • Considerably more cost-effective than window replacement

Upgrade your home windows with solar control window film to experience these numerous benefits. Enjoy a comfortable, energy-efficient environment while safeguarding your furnishings and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

The best window tint for heat reduction in buildings

If you’re in the market for heat reduction window film, the absolute best model on the market is Llumar Vista High Performance Films.

Llumar Vista window film uses spectrally selective nanotechnology that rejects solar heat and UV rays, while still allowing a high amount of natural light transmission through. Llumar has been an industry leader in sun control window film for many years and is great for residential and commercial applications where you want to reduce solar heat gain and improve energy efficiency, without sacrificing natural light and views.

  • Rejects up to 97% of infrared light and up to 60% of solar heat coming through windows

  • Improves building tenant/employee comfort

  • Provides energy savings

  • Can become carbon negative in as few as 6 months from install

  • Reduces glare

  • Eliminates uncomfortable hotspots

  • Maintains outdoor views

  • Non-metallized (doesn’t interfere with signals)

  • Lifetime Residential warranty (if professionally installed)

  • Low exterior reflectivity

How Can You Install Sun Control Window Film?

Installing home window film is very straightforward, but it should always be done by a professional who is an authorized installer. If window film is not professionally installed, it can actually hurt the performance of your windows.

A professional residential window film contractor will be able to assess your existing windows to determine if heat blocking window film is viable. They will then install your new solar window film to the highest industry standards to ensure it performs as intended.

Besides ensuring performance of your Sun Control Window film, getting it installed by a certified professional is also a warranty requirement for Llumar. Shade9 Window Tinting in West Virginia is an exclusive Llumar SelectPro Dealer. Contact our professional team today for a free consultation about reducing solar heat gain with our residential window films.

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