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Ultimate Guide For Security Window Film Options, Pricing, and Benefits in Morgantown, WV

Exploring the installation of security window film for enhanced protection in your residence or commercial space?

This article delves into comprehensive insights regarding various considerations for security film, including thickness options, pricing details for different thicknesses, and the advantages of having it installed. We have divided this article into three sections:

  1. Different Thickness Options of Security Film

  2. Pricing Across Various Security Film Options

  3. Benefits and Reasons to Invest in Security Film

security window film installation + morgantown

Different Thickness Options of Security Film

Security window film is available in a thickness range spanning from 4 Mils to a substantial 15 Mils. Comprising multiple layers of polyester film fused with specialized adhesives, the construction of thicker films involves laminating multiple layers of thinner film together, enhancing overall strength.

The thickness of the film correlates with its break strength, tear strength, and puncture strength. Generally, as the film becomes thicker, these protective attributes also increase. However, it's important to note that thicker films tend to incur higher costs due to the increased materials required and extended manufacturing time.

For most security applications, a thickness in the range of 8 Mil to 10 Mil is commonly employed. Thinner films find utility in lower-threat environments or when the primary purpose is tinting or solar protection. Conversely, thicker films are preferred in higher-threat settings where additional security is paramount.

Here's a breakdown of the thickness categories and their typical applications:

  • 4 Mil to 7 Mil Thickness: Entry-level protection commonly utilized for solar protection and minimizing the risk of lighter objects penetrating windows.

  • 8 Mil to 10 Mil Thickness: Strikes a balance by providing ample strength to guard against burglars, quick break-ins, and withstand most objects hurled at windows, including rocks and handheld items.

  • 10 Mil to 14 Mil + Thickness: Represents heavy-duty security tint designed for scenarios like bomb blasts. Often chosen by commercial businesses safeguarding valuable assets such as jewelry and expensive equipment.

strength vs pricing + security film

Cost of Installation

The cost of security window film varies, ranging from as low as $5.50 per square foot to a high of $16 per square foot for professional installation. Pricing will greatly vary based on thickness of the film selected. As thickness increases, so does product cost, installation time, and installation difficulty.

 The thicker the film the more expensive it will cost per square foot.

In addition to the square foot cost of the window tint, an extra security measure involves applying a specific caulking, such as Dow Corning 995, around the window film's edge to secure it to the window frame. This caulking typically incurs an additional cost of $2-$5 per linear square foot.

attachment system + security window film

Considering the intricate process of installing security film, some companies may charge more due to the time and effort required for a professional installation. Installing security window tint demands significant effort and patience, surpassing the challenges associated with most other films. The drying and adherence process for the window tint usually takes between 2-3 weeks, contingent on the chosen thickness for your project.

Reasons to Invest in Security Film

Security Window Film provides you a range of benefits including:

Enhanced Window Strength: Security window film reinforces windows, creating a deterrent for burglars by significantly delaying entry. While a standard window might take about 20 seconds to breach, the use of security window film can extend this timeframe to up to 3 minutes, acting as a substantial deterrent.

Injury Reduction: In the event of a shattered window due to accidents, vandalism, bomb blasts, or natural disasters like hurricanes, security window film can mitigate injuries caused by flying glass.

Additional Non-Security Benefits: Some types of security window film provide ancillary advantages beyond security. These include window tinting, reduction of heat passing through the glass, and protection against damage caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays, safeguarding furniture and floors over time.

If the idea of securing your home or commercial building with security film appeals to you, Shade9 Window Tinting, specializing in Security window film installation in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas, is pleased to offer a 100% FREE QUOTE and FREE Security Film Samples tailored to your project. For inquiries, estimates, or further questions about your security window film project in Morgantown, WV, contact us directly by clicking the Free Quote button below.

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