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Residential Privacy Films: Daytime & Nighttime Privacy

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Determining a window film for day and night privacy for your home or office space is often difficult. Privacy is often desired to provide a feeling of safeness and comfort. No one wants neighbors or others being able to see in their home, this can be dangerous and not to mention uncomfortable.

Many of our clients turn to the internet to find a solution to this problem, if you research this topic online you will more than likely find solutions like blinds and shades. However, customers are turning away from these solutions more and more due to blind making the space feel dark and uninviting. Not to mention, these solutions require you to sacrifice visibility.

Residential Privacy Window Film on a Home in Clarksburg, WV

Window film is also a topic that will frequently show up in your search. Reflective window film and decorative (frost film) are likely the topics you are exploring. Here at Shade9 we get a lot of questions about window film that prevents people from looking inside whiles still being able to see outside. Reflective window film enhances privacy greatly during the day, but at night the reflective features will not provide as much privacy.

Unfortunately, there are no window films on the market that can prevent people from looking in while you can see out, for both day and night. So what are your options?

Reflective Window Films At Night

Before we explain the different options for nighttime privacy, we want to explain more about the science behind reflective window films. First off, even untreated glass has some reflectivity properties when exposed to light; but in order to achieve greater reflectivity and privacy, window film needs to be added. Reflective window film works by reflecting sunlight and other outside light like a mirror, so instead of your neighbor seeing inside your home they see their own reflection.

Reflective window film is still translucent (this allows you to see out of your windows), the outdoors must be brighter than the inside of the room that you are protecting. During the day, the sunlight is brighter than your home's interior lights which is why this works in the day. However, at night this is not the case when your home lights are on. This negates the reflective effect, making a darker interior but still allowing people to see inside.

Day Time Privacy Window Films

If you’re wanting privacy for your home during the day, reflective window film might be perfect for you! It is a great option because it will significantly increase your privacy and prevent people walking by from being able to see into your space. It also provides UV protection, provides energy savings, and reduces glare.

Options For NightTime Glare

What are solutions for both daytime and night time privacy? This is the million-dollar question.

The short answer is you might have to compromise. While there isn’t a specific window film on the market that provides both day and night privacy while being able to see out, there are other options. One option is decorative window film, which has its own benefits. Decorative window film is a little different from reflective window film in the sense that reflective window film is tinted and it lacks a pattern or design that decorative window film has. Decorative window film is a popular choice for both home window tinting and commercial window tinting. When it comes to residential settings, Shade9 frequently sees decorative window film installed to bathroom windows or shower doors where you want maximum privacy and you don't want to be able to see in or out of the window. In commercial settings, we often see it installed in the conference room and private office glass where privacy

and confidentiality is priority. Common decorative window films are black out window film, and frost window film to learn more about these films follow the links below

Other Options For Increased Privacy

Other than window films, there are other options that you can choose from. One option is interior lighting, installing dimmer switches can help reduce how much outsides see inside. Combined with a darker window film, you may achieve some level of privacy at night by limiting the amount of light that passes through your glass all together.

If dimmer switches aren't an option, blinds and shades are a practical option for nighttime privacy. No light can pass in or out and they are easily adjusted, and possibly only used at night time in conjunction with window film.

Shade9 Privacy Window Film

We get it, we wish there was a film that would achieve this very task. In fact, it is one of the most popular questions we get asked and is a common problem home and business owners face. Right now, the answer comes down to what is most important to you? Daytime privacy or night time privacy? Achieving privacy or being able to see outdoors while adding privacy during the daylight hours?

Shade9 Window Tinting offers all of the window film options we covered here, so if perforated window film, decorative window film, or reflective window film sounds like a good option to you, contact us today to help make your homes more private day or night. We are your one stop shop for window film, so contact us today for a free consultation!


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