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Preserve Your Hardwood Floors: Shield Them from Sun Fading Damage

Outfitting a home can be a substantial investment. Between flooring and furnishings, expenses can mount rapidly. With such a significant stake, it's wise to safeguard hardwood floors against the detrimental effects of sun-induced fading.

Many homeowners adore the openness and light that expansive windows bring into their homes. However, this very openness can pose issues. Sunlight brings in three primary contributors to faded floors and furnishings. Balancing the desire for unobstructed West Virginia views with the necessity of shielding against sun damage presents a challenge. But fear not, there's a solution! Addressing the core causes of sun damage and fading can be effectively tackled by employing home window film. Let's delve into the causes of fading and damage and explore how window film offers a practical remedy.

What causes fading on hardwood floors and furnishings?


Contrary to common belief, UV rays aren't the sole culprits behind faded hardwood floors and furniture damage. While UV rays do constitute a significant portion (40%), solar heat and visible light each contribute roughly 25% to the problem. Collectively, these three factors are responsible for 90% of fading. The remaining 10% encompasses various elements categorized under 'Other,' including interior lighting and humidity. Short of storing belongings in a controlled, dark environment, this final 10% remains inevitable.

This breakdown highlights that eliminating fading entirely isn't feasible. In reality, the aim is to combat the primary contributors sufficiently to slow down the process. By doing so, the lifespan of hardwood floors and furnishings can be prolonged.

Why Choose Home Window Film as a Solution to Sun Fading?

Given the reluctance to compromise on an open home atmosphere, it becomes crucial to address these factors at their entry points. Enter home window film. This solution is effective as it targets all three major contributors to fading. Professionally installed solar window films typically block over 99% of UV rays, addressing 40% of the issue. Furthermore, many window films significantly reduce solar heat infiltration, curbing a portion of the 25% contributed by heat. Additionally, it's possible to block up to 60% of visible light without visibly darkening the windows. This substantial reduction in visible light can notably cut down the 25% factor. By collectively mitigating these factors, window film substantially diminishes the fading process illustrated earlier. Consequently, home window film offers this protection while maintaining the desired natural light and openness of your home.

This concise overview aims to illuminate the causes of sun fading and emphasizes how employing home window tinting stands as one of the optimal choices to safeguard your hardwood floors and furnishings. For further information, get in touch via the form below. Shade9 Window Tinting caters to homes and commercial spaces in various areas like Bridgeport, WV; Morgantown, WV; Fairmont, WV; Charleston, WV. We also serve Parkersburg, WV; Cheat Lake, WV; Davis, WV and Elkins, WV. We eagerly await your contact!

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