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Paint Protection Film Vs. Ceramic Coating

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Are you weighing the options between paint protection film and ceramic coating? What are the differences and which is right for your vehicle?

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Installation on a Alpha Romeo

Ceramic coating is a permanent coating applied to the exterior surface of your vehicle's paint. The coating chemically bonds with the paints surface giving it hydrophobic properties and making it harder for contaminants to bond to your car's paint.

Prevents Damage

Ceramic coating improves the toughness of your vehicle's paint, thus making your vehicles paint much more resistant to minor scratches. Ceramic Coating also makes your car resistant to chemical damage such as chemical watch marks caused by acidic contaminants. Here at Shade9 we only install the industry leading Ceramic Pro products, Ceramic Pro 9H has the hardness of 9H creating better resistance to minor scratches.

Prevents Fading

The ceramic coating acts as a sunscreen for your paint to protect against harmful UV rays. It will prevent the oxidation and yellowing to keep the cars paint vibrate. Ceramic coating your vehicle will actually enhance your paint and add an extreme glossy finish.

Improves Appearance

It isn’t uncommon that ceramic coating users seek coating their vehicles mainly for aesthetic purposes. After application, the paint turns deeper and richer in color. The vehicle has a shinier and wet-like glossy appearance. The hydrophobic coating also keeps your vehicle looking cleaner in between washes, and makes it much easier to clean when it is time to clean.

Paint Protection Films it’s a transparent film, urethane material that is applied to exterior painted surfaces on your car. Due to the thickness of paint protection films they offer greater protection against rock chips and road debris. That being said Paint Protection Films are generally more expensive in comparison to ceramic coating.

Prevents Damage

Paint protection film takes the damage from scratches, dust, and other contaminants rather than allowing your vehicle's paint to be harmed. Here at Shade9 our Paint Protection Film products have a self-healing topcoat and are resistant to damage.

Prevents Fading

A paint protection film will also protect your vehicle's paint from the sun's harmful UV rays. These harmful UV rays cause paint oxidation that leads to yellowing and fading. The PPF acts as a barrier between the paint and the sun’s UV rays.

Which Is Better for My Vehicle PPF or Ceramic Coating?

In short, it depends on your particular needs and budget. Both have core similarities and qualities, but some major differences as well.

Both paint protection film and ceramic coating will protect your vehicle against UV rays, and chemical damage. Paint protection offers greater protection against rock chips due to the self healing technology. However, ceramic coating can help resist damage with this by adding an extra barrier to your paint and preventing damage.

The hydrophobic characteristics of ceramic coating is a huge plus for many looking to protect the investment in their vehicle. Some PPF products have a hydrophobic clear coat, but not to the same level as multi-layered ceramic coating. The hydrophobic properties of ceramic coating make it a breeze to clean, and look clean longer. As stated earlier, ceramic coating also enhances the paint color and creates a great eye-catching shine.

Between PPF and ceramic coating, ceramic coating is the more permanent solution. When done with high quality professional grade products you can enjoy a ceramic coating's benefits for your car’s lifetime.

Choosing Between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coating

Deciding between ceramic coating and paint protection film is a question we get asked frequently by our customers. Typically we suggest our customers consider what is truly important to them, longevity and easy cleaning or more serious protection against rock chips. It is also possible to apply PPF to the high impact areas of your vehicle, and ceramic coat the rest. Regardless of your decisions, we are happy to help assist you in the decision making process. To learn more about our ceramic coating, paint protection, or window tinting services give us a call today at Shade9.

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