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Morgantown, WV Home - Energy Saving Window Film

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The most common complaint we get with home windows is that they are allowing too much heat and glare inside the home. The second most common is that furniture or wood flooring is fading due to UV damage. Our premium home window films will solve both of these issues.

This homeowner in Morgantown, WV wanted to reduce some of the harsh glare, but not make their home appear gloomy. They also wanted a film with some high heat rejection to provide energy savings. We installed Llumar Dual Reflective 35% on all the windows in this home. This film provides a slightly reflective exterior finish, providing a contemporary feel. It blocks 56% of the sun's total solar energy and provides 99% UV protection. Here at Shade9 we go the extra mile to ensure we choose the proper home window film for every home and every homeowners desires.


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