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How Dark Should I Tint My Windows?

Are you tired of the heat and lack of privacy in your car? Consider car window tinting as a solution! Window tinting not only keeps your car cooler but also adds privacy and a stylish touch. But the question remains: "How dark should I tint my car windows?" Keep reading to discover the answer and take the first step towards a more comfortable and private driving experience.

Window Tint: The Basics

Car window tinting is a popular process that involves applying a treated polyester laminate film to your car's windows. The film is scratch-resistant and adheres to the existing windows using an adhesive. While most car window tints make your windows appear darker, there are also clear options that won't change the appearance of your car's windows.

The benefits of car window tinting are numerous, including the reduction of heat and harmful UV rays, increased privacy, and an improved look for your car. The level of tinting is calculated as a percentage and refers to the amount of visible light transmission (VLT) that comes through the windows.

The percentage of car window tinting varies widely, with lower percentages indicating darker windows. For example, an 80% tint allows 80% of the light to pass through your car windows, while a 20% tint allows only 20% of light to pass through your car windows. Therefore, a 20% tint is much darker than an 80% tint.

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How Dark Should I Tint My Windows?

When deciding on the best tint percentage for your car windows, these are some important factors to consider:

What Window Tint is Legal in West Virginia?

how dark is 35 percent tint

Darkest legal tint for Cars in West Virginia

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.

  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

  • Back Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

  • Rear window: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

Darkest legal tint for SUV and Vans in West Virginia

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield.

  • Front Side windows: Must allow more than 35% of light in.

  • Back Side windows: Any darkness window tint can be used

  • Rear window: Any darkness window tint can be used

The Overall Appearance of Your Vehicle

When it comes to car window tinting, the percentage of tint you choose can drastically change the appearance of your vehicle. While darker tints are often associated with high-end cars like sports cars and limousines, many drivers opt for a darker tint to give their car a more luxurious and classic look. A tint of 20-35% is common for those seeking this aesthetic.

But what if you're happy with the current look of your car and just want to reap the benefits of window tinting? You're in luck! There are window tints available that provide UV ray protection and interior cooling without significantly darkening your windows. So, whether you're looking to enhance your car's appearance or simply improve its functionality, we've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our window tinting services.

The Reason You Are Tinting Your Vehicle

The reason behind your decision to tint your car windows can play a significant role in determining the appropriate tint percentage for you. For those seeking increased privacy and security, a darker window tint, such as 5%, may be the best option. If reducing glare and alleviating eye strain while driving is your priority, selecting window tint percentages that block a significant amount of light without being overly dark is recommended. On the other hand, if protection from harmful UV rays is your primary concern, higher window tint percentages can lower the risk of UV exposure and keep your car cooler when parked in the sun without altering its appearance. Keep in mind that a 50% tint blocks 50% of incoming light, but it is still relatively light in tint.

Professional Car Window Tinting

Now that you have the answer to the question of how dark you should tint your car windows, what is the next step?

Choosing a professional and reliable window tinting service is crucial for high-quality tinting results. DIY tinting can often lead to poor quality and unsatisfactory results.

At Shade9, we provide professional window tinting services using top-of-the-line products such as LLumar Film. Our expert technicians ensure quality installation and customer satisfaction.

Contact Shade9 today for a free estimate and let us help you choose the perfect window tint percentage for your car.

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