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Home Window Tinting for Privacy

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Feeling safe and secure in your home is top of mind for most homeowners. Being able to control who is able to see into your dwelling is one way of controlling your privacy. Less expensive than curtains, window films allow you to protect your privacy while still letting filtered natural light into your home's windows.

Besides privacy, window film reduces glare which makes it perfect for a home office or to make watching TV easier. Window film also helps protect carpets, furniture, and décor from harmful UV rays which can cause fading and discoloration.

Installation of Home Privacy Window Film. This film provides clear viewing out and a reflective exterior.

Privacy Window Films

When looking for privacy Dual Reflective, Silver Reflective, and Dark Non-Reflective films are often the best choice. Below you will find more information on each film type, but it is important to understand that residential and commercial window tinting is a very technical process. Only certain films are rated for installation on certain window types and sizes, so be sure to consult your local window film expert or if you are in the West Virginia region reach out to us at Shade9 Window Tinting.

Dual Reflective

These films block a large amount of solar heat, due to the reflective nature of the film. Unlike traditional silver reflective films this film provides clear viewing throughout the day. This film is great for privacy and adds a new modern look to the home.

Silver Reflective

For a highly reflective, full mirrored look silver reflective films can be a great option. This film does have a chrome finish to it. A great option for privacy, and some applications but meeting specifications for application can be difficult.

Non-Reflective Film

One of the most highly sought after window films here at Shade9, luckily film technology has come a long way in the recent years allowing for high performance ceramic window films. An important note about non-reflective films is that this film is specifically designed for residential and commercial applications. Frequently we get asked if it is possible to put regular automotive grade window film on home windows. The short answer is no. Tinting dual pane home windows with automotive window tint can cause the window to absorb too much heat and crack overtime.

Cost of Home Window Tint Installation

Home window tinting varies greatly based on the size of the windows, complexity of the job, and single story or ladder-work. The cost for window film generally ranges from $8-$14 a square foot.

For more information on home window tinting for privacy, or to set up a free consultation with one of our film experts call 304-710-0380 or Get A Quote.


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