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Factory Window Tint VS. Film Tint: A Breakdown

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Surprisingly, the tinted rear windows in your car don’t offer much protection against UV damage and added heat entering your vehicle.

Known as “Factory Tint” the rear tinted windows on your SUV or truck enhance privacy and reduce glare, but expose you to harmful UV rays. They also do nothing to protect against sweltering heat.

To truly provide heat rejection in your vehicle, it is best to do more than just matching the factory tinted windows. Although matching the front two doors to the factory tint adds style, it allows a great amount of heat to still enter your vehicle through the rear windows.

Factory Window Tint

Despite the confusing name, factory tint is nothing more than a layer of dark pigment on the car window, and it lacks many of the benefits that come with true car window tint.

Car manufacturers install a factory tint through deep dipping that coats the glass with special pigment to give it its darker shade. These dark rear windows increase privacy and reduce glare, but not much else.

Film tint or aftermarket window film is multi-layered polyester film that’s rolled over your car's windows.

Window Film Is Composed Of 3-4 Layers:

  • Adhesive Layer

  • Metallic Or Ceramic Particles

  • Dyed or Pigment Layers

  • Scratch Proof Layer

Metallic or Ceramic particles give your window film the heat rejection benefits. In the common years, Ceramic Window Tint is far more popular as it doesn’t interfere with cell phone or radio signals. The dyes or pigment change the appearance and light transference of the window tint.

The installation process includes cutting the window tint to fit the window. Then thoroughly cleaning the interior of the glass to remove dust and dirt. The installer then sprays a solvent on the adhesive coating on the film to activate the adhesive and apply to the window.

Can You Tint Over Factory Window Tint?

Absolutely! Aftermarket window tint is commonly applied OVER factory tint to add protection and comfort to the back windows of your vehicle. There is a wide range of aftermarket window tint darkness's, thus allowing you to either darken up the back windows of your vehicle greatly or add little to no change in darkness with virtually clear ceramic window films that provide high heat rejection and protection.

Benefits You Achieve With Window Film Over You Factory Tint:

  • UV Protection

  • Shatterproof Glass

  • Variety of Shades/Darkness's

  • Reduce Sun’s Damage to Car’s Upholstery

  • Absorb Sun’s Heat and Keep Interior Cool

Don’t Let The Harsh Sun Beam Into Your Rear Windows

Contact us today, and we will pick the BEST tint for your ride to protect you and your family from the West Virginia weather. You can call us at (304)-710-0380 or stop by our location on Old Bridgeport Hill.

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