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Dual Reflective Privacy Window Film

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

This client in Bridgeport, WV was looking for the best of privacy and heat rejection for their commercial building. The best solution for this was our Dual Reflective 35% Window Film which offers a mirror finish on the exterior and glare reduced viewing. This commercial window film offers 99% UV protection to protect floors and furniture from fading.

Commercial Window Tinting

Dual reflective window films are also the tried and true method of energy savings and heat rejection. This film has been around for many years and has provided many buildings with long lasting heat rejection over its time.

Dual reflective window films are also our most cost-efficient option making it a great option for privacy window tint on large windows.

For more information on commercial window films or to learn more about other films call 304-710-0380 or Get a Quote Now.

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