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Block the Heat Coming from Your Commercial Windows

Enhance the overall experience for both customers and employees within your facility by installing window film, blinds, and shades on your commercial windows.

While commercial windows allow for ample natural light, they can also pose challenges. Intense sunlight can result in hotspots and increased energy expenses, while glare from the sun can cause discomfort for employees and reduce productivity. The sun's harmful UV rays can also accelerate fading of flooring and furniture, leading to costly replacements.

Incorporating commercial window treatments such as office window tinting and window shades can help to mitigate these issues. By blocking heat, lowering energy costs, reducing glare, slowing fading, and improving the overall comfort of your facility, you can create a more pleasant environment for both your employees and customers.

Enhance the performance of your business's windows with LLumar Window Film, which provides an added layer of protection. Scientifically tested, Llumar Sun Control Window Film effectively reduces heat, glare, and fading caused by the sun's harsh rays on furniture and flooring.

With Llumar Sun Control Window Film, you can decrease indoor temperatures by up to nine degrees in direct sunlight. The films reject up to 79 percent of the sun's heat, maintaining a more comfortable and stable temperature inside, ultimately reducing energy expenses linked to heating and cooling your commercial space.

Llumar Window Film also adds privacy and security to your commercial windows. You can choose from various tint levels in Llumar Vista Series, its top-of-the-line window film, to provide clear or dark options for privacy.

Shade9 has been enhancing the comfort of businesses in West Virginia, including Morgantown, Bridgeport, Parkersburg, and others for many years by installing commercial window coverings on their windows and doors.

Their team of skilled and knowledgeable installers can provide your business with customized window covering solutions that will suit your commercial windows and doors perfectly. To get started, you can book a free consultation appointment by calling (304)-710-0380 today.

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