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Achieving Privacy On Commercial Windows With Window Film

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

This commercial building located in Grafton, West Virginia was in great need of some privacy window film for their clients. They also had recently completed renovations including hardwood flooring and hardwood window seals that needed protection from the harmful UV rays.

We were called here at Shade9 Window Tinting, and we applied a Dual Reflective 35% to these commercial windows. This Dual Reflective window film provides 99% UV protection to protect against fading and discoloration of wood floors.

Commercial Privacy Window Tinting on a location in Grafton, WV

Dual Reflective window films are also very popular to apply when looking for privacy on commercial buildings. The reflection of the window film makes it harder to see inside and creates a mirror effect. Dual reflective window films make a great cost effective choice for adding privacy to a commercial building, often at a fraction of the cost of blinds or drapes.

Dual-reflective window film is a type of lamination made for windows that’s installed on buildings to provide privacy and energy efficiency. On the exterior, the film is highly reflective, and mirrors back images of the surrounding landscape. But on the inside, it’s much more subtle. It still blocks heat, but you can see through it. The benefit is, you can create some privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Here are some of the advantages of installing dual-reflective window film for your West Virginia business:

  • Blocks UV radiation that causes fading and disease

  • Reduced heat results in declining energy use and costs

  • Blocks glare that interrupts tv watching and screen viewing

  • Reflects heat and improves indoor comfort

  • Limits indoor reflectivity for excellent daytime and nighttime views

For more information, on upgrading your commercial building with window film or to schedule a consultation give us a call at 304-710-0380 of Get A Quote Now.

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