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CarFax & Ceramic Pro: Improve Resell Value

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Ceramic Pro has teamed up with CarFax to help maximize the resale value of their customer’s vehicles, by reporting installation details to CarFax. Vehicles treated here at Shade9 with our Ceramic Pro Coatings are protected and have eliminated the need for waxing your car. Ceramic Coatings protect a vehicle’s paint from corrosion, UV damage, and oxidation while creating an ultra glossy finish.

Ceramic Pro Coatings reporting to CarFax is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller of the vehicle. Shoppers can buy with confidence knowing that these vehicles had a previous owner that invested in protection and often pay a premium for them. The CarFax report show the exact Ceramic Pro Treatment that was applied as well as the installation date. CarFax, helps millions of people everyday confidently shop for used cars with innovative vehicle history information. CarFax owns the world’s largest vehicle history database.

Ceramic Pro has revolutionized the automotive and marine industry with the most advanced protective coating systems available today. When applied, Ceramic Pro nano coatings provide a permanent glossy and slick surface that preserves the paint and luster.

What is Ceramic Pro?

Ceramic Pro 9H is a revolutionary and transparent nano coating, it is the thickest and hardest paint protection coating available. These coatings are specifically designed for each application surface with products also designed for your vehicles glass, wheels, interior leather, plastics, and interior cloth/carpet surfaces.

What is 9H or “9H Hardness”?

9H Ceramic Coating is a highly concentrated liquid mainly composed of Silicon Dioxide or SiO2. It uses nano-technology to fill microscopic pores in the surface to form a slat shield of protection.

9H hardens after application, and is graded based on the pencil scale which was created to measure the solidity of pencil lead. The scale ranges from 1 (ultra soft) to 9 (strongest). When this ultra strong 9H coating cures it creates a hydrophobic effect on your vehicle's surface.

Ceramic Pro is unique in that it can be applied on top of each other. The more you add, the more protection and longevity you receive. Most consumer grade coatings and DIY ceramic coatings do not provide you this ability. Multi-layer Ceramic Coatings such as Ceramic Pro are proven to last significantly longer than single layer applications.

How Is It Applied?

Ceramic Pro can only be applied by a trained certified professional. Shade9 is the leading Ceramic Pro dealer in North-Central West Virginia with areas including Bridgeport, Morgantown, Fairmont, Shinnston, and More.

What Kind Of Preparation Is Needed?

Short answer? It varies. The process we take in preparing for a Ceramic Coating varies greatly depending on the vehicle's condition, customers desires and budget. We typically recommend a single stage polish to add shine and remove any minor scratches. For large scratches or swirl marks, customers can opt in for a single or two stage paint correction.

Get Protected

If you are interested in learning more about Ceramic Coatings and how they can improve your vehicle's resale value while providing you unmatched protection. Give us a call today at 304-710-0380 or Click Get A Quote Now. Our team is happy to help walk through the various options when it comes to protection of your vehicle!

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