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How to Find Best Window Film for You Vehicle

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Selecting a window film for your vehicle may begin to seem like an overwhelming task, especially for those with new cars that are unaware of the advancements in technology and science in the window film industry. While it may be true that most types of window tint are made for the purpose of protecting the vehicles from heat and sun damage, not all films are created equal.

To find the best auto window tint for your ride can be a hard task, but this guide was created to help walk you through your option to find the perfect choice for your budget and needs.

Learn about Your Window Film Options

To start in your window film decision making process it is important to know the different kinds of tint on the market today. Most window films block UV rays, but heat rejection qualities do vary.

Most of the basic level window films are considered “dyed films”, these films offer privacy and style. However, this older technology has since been surpassed by carbon and ceramic window films in terms of longevity and performance.

Features of Window Tint

Another important task is to determine which features are important to you, for instance some films have higher scratch resistant coatings and others are stronger at reducing glare.

  • Shade: Window Films come in a variety of darknesses. It is important to decide how dark you would like to go, and also consider our West Virginia Window Tinting Laws.

  • Color Stability: Think about how well you want the color of your tint to hold over the years. All of our film lines offered here at Shade9 are colorstable and offer a lifetime warranty

  • Solar Control: How important is solar protection to you? Carbon and ceramic lines are specially designed to reject more heat and offer higher performance.

Get Tinted Today!

Car tint films offer several benefits to both the vehicle and its owner. Meet up with our installation team today and let’s discuss how we can make the most out of your investment! 304-710-0380 to schedule your appointment today.

Ceramic Window Tint on GMC Yukon to provide the best heat rejection

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