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Best Window Tinting: A Guide to Finding the Best Tint Shop for You

When it comes to enhancing your windows with tinting, finding the perfect tint shop in West Virginia can be a game-changer. Window tinting tends to not be a "one-size fit all" service as different tint shops many offer higher quality films, while others are focused on being economical. This guide aims to assist you in navigating the sea of options, focusing on finding not just a tinting service, but the ideal fit for your specific needs and preferences.

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Understanding Your Unique Tinting Needs

Some prefer a budget-friendly approach, while others prioritize top-notch quality and performance window films. Here's a breakdown of two distinct preferences when it comes to window tinting:

Option 1: Wanting a Cheap Job without Concern for Warranty or Minor Flaws

For some, cost-effectiveness is the primary consideration. If you're seeking a budget-friendly option and aren’t concerned about warranty coverage or minor imperfections, you might prioritize affordability over long-term quality. It's essential to keep in mind that opting for the cheapest tint job may entail compromises in terms of film durability, installation precision, and overall longevity. Cheaper window films can fade, turn purple, get hazzy, or bubble overtime.

Option 2: Desiring Top-Quality Window Films with a Warranty, Willing to Invest a Bit More

For those valuing assurance, durability, and high-quality performance, investing in premium window films with warranties becomes a priority. While it might involve paying a bit more upfront, opting for top-quality films ensures better UV protection, reduced glare, and increased longevity. Most modern high performance window films come with a manufacture backed lifetime warranty, such as our supplier Llumar Window Films! This provides you peace of mind regarding any potential flaws or issues. This aligns with the notion that "good tint isn't cheap, and cheap tint isn't good." The added cost reflects the superior materials, installation precision and professionalism, and the assurance of long-lasting, top-notch results.
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Finding the Best Tint Shop in WV

If you fall into the Option 2 Category, and are looking for the Best Window Tint Shop in WV here are some things to consider.
1. Window Film Materials- Ensure that you are getting top quality window film installed by inquiring about heat rejection, warranties, and whether you are wanting a ceramic or standard film
2. Installation Process- Are the window films computer plotter cut or hand cut? Assuring these key details can help insure the safety of the installation and precision of the installation. A lot of the newer vehicle come with a laminated coating on the windows, that makes it a high risk of scratching the glass if the films are not plotter cut. Computer cut window film insures the perfect fit for your vehicle
3. Scheduling Time- How quickly are they able to get you in for your service so your vehicle isn't going unprotected and without the stylish addition of window tinting
4. Installation Time- This is important if you need the vehicle for work, or have difficulty getting a ride to drop off. How long will the installation take and can you wait on the vehicle to be completed?

Best Tint Shop in WV: Shade9 Window Tinting

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We hope this article has brought you some quick guidance on how to find the perfect tint shop for you're vehicle. Obviously we are bias! We not only believe we are the best tint shop in the Bridgeport, Morgantown, Fairmont area; but we also are top-rated with over 250+ 5-star reviews to show it! That being said our window films and services are not for everyone, we focus on top quality window tint and installation providing you with long lasting luxury ceramic window films. For more information on our window films here at Shade9 click here to visit our website: and get a free quote! You are now also able to self-schedule your appointment online!
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