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2020 Tesla Model 3: Paint Correction & Gold Package Ceramic Coating

The Tesla Model 3 received our paint correction and ceramic coating services.

This vehicle was almost 3 years old at the time it arrived at our shop, it had swirl marks and rock chips that needed to be addressed prior to applying the Ceramic Pro coating the owner was desiring. We have listed some before pictures to show the shine that was brought out with the paint correction and ceramic coating

First we washed and decontaminated the surface of the vehicle to get it ready for paint correction. Once cleaned up, this Tesla received our paint correction services. Tesla has a very very soft paint. Probably one of the softest paints we ever work on. This means it takes a much more delicate touch to finish and bring out a glossy shine.

Once the paint correction process was out of the way, we moved on to the Ceramic Coating step. The entire car is prepped with to make sure there is absolutely nothing left on the paint. Then we apply the first base layer of 9H for this Tesla’s ceramic coating. This vehicle is getting the Gold Package which consists of 4 layers of 9H, and one layer of top coat on the paint. After waiting for the first layer to dry, we follow up with layer after layer to build depth above the vehicle clear coat. Thus, creating a sacrificial barrier above the clear coat and adding great shine.

The ceramic coating process does take a bit of time, any company capable of doing a multi-layer coating quickly is like not waiting long enough between coats or using inferior products. After the paint is addressed then this vehicle receives coating on the wheels, glass, plastics, and lights that are included in the Gold Package.

After cure time, this vehicle is ready to have its photoshoot. Now this car is ready to hit the road with a glossy revived finish. This vehicle is also protected against UV damage, scratch resistance, anti-fouling and much more thanks to the Gold Package Ceramic Coating that includes a lifetime warranty.

Ready To Get Protected?

If you are ready to get your Tesla protected with the best ceramic coating on the market, then we are your one-stop shop! We also offer Tesla Window Tinting, Tesla Paint Protection Film, and Tesla Paint Correction Services to get your Tesla fully protected before hitting the road. Give us a call to learn more about paint protection film and ceramic coating in West Virginia! 304-710-0380.

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