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Paint Protection For Your Tesla

Are you wanting to keep your Tesla’s paint looking brand new? No matter how carefully you drive, your Tesla risks being damaged by road debris and chemicals that cause costly damage. What if there was a simple solution to protect your Tesla, making it look newer longer?

This solution is Paint Protection Film.

At Shade9, our paint protection film can save you thousands of dollars, headaches, and costly hours without your Tesla years down the road.

PPF is a shield for your Tesla’s paint. It is made up of three layers: an adhesive layer, an impact layer, and a self-healing clearcoat. It is a clear film that has a thickness of six mil, which absorbs rocks and stones impact to your vehicle and helps prevent chipping on your Tesla’s paint. Paint Protection Film offers the following benefits:

  • Protection: PPF protects your vehicles paint from various road hazards

  • Self-Healing: After light marring (scratches) when the vehicle is exposed to sun, it self-heals and looks like it has been freshly polished

  • Easier Washing: Paint protection film makes the surface of your vehicle easier to clean, meaning your Tesla will stay cleaner, longer

There are many brands of PPF available, but at Shade9 we buy only the best products for our clients. We choose to source Llumar Paint Protection Film for our customers for the following reasons:

  • Newest, cutting-edge technology

  • Best shine

  • Most durable

  • 100% American made, fabricated in nearby Virginia.

  • Llumar has a long history of putting its customer service first, and standing behind its warranty.

As amazing as Llumar Paint Protection film is, you can only protect the new-car finish while you have a new-car finish. You should plan your paint protection film as soon as possible, or ideally before you pick up your new Tesla. Many of our customer drive directly (or even trailer) their vehicle straight from the dealership to us. Don’t put your Tesla paint at risk.

Newer vehicles are much more vulnerable to damage than ever before for several reasons:

  • New vehicle paint is much thinner today

  • Lower-sports car geometry of Tesla’s make it prone to stone chips

  • Faster driving kicks up rocks more frequently

You can apply PPF to the most vulnerable parts of your Tesla such as front end and rocker panels and pair it with our Ceramic Coating products to areas less prone to damage such as doors and roofs for full coverage.

Here is our step by step PPF application process, which happens in our well kept climate controlled shop at all times.

  • Wash decontaminate your Tesla

  • Foam Cannon the vehicle

  • Rinse

  • Inspect vehicle to determine if clay bar treatment is needed.

  • If a vehicle needs a clay bar treatment, we do this.

  • Dry vehicle with our luxurious 550 GSM microfiber towels

  • Inspect vehicle under our detailing lights to determine if paint correction is needed (ideally on new vehicles this is avoided), but we will contact you if we see it as something that should be recommended

  • Install PPF using our environmentally friendly soap and water solution

  • Post heat all edges, while wrapping all edges possible

  • Vehicle dries overnight

  • Do a final, triple, check before the vehicle leaves our facility.

The whole process of PPF installation takes 2-3 days, but for years of protection we think its a great trade off.

We recommend driving directly from the Tesla Dealership to us and call to make a PPF appointment as soon as placing the order for your vehicle to insure the soonest protection for your vehicle. Once protected you can drive worry free knowing your vehicle is protected by an invisible shield.

If you don’t invest in PPF, in no time at all, your Tesla’s paint will be chipped and damaged, looking old long before its time. To have it properly fixed will cost thousands of dollars and days at a body shop.

Shade9 Paint Protection is in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Our customers frequently drive hours for our shop to get top quality products and services. Tesla owners frequently drive straight from their dealership to us to have protection provided ASAP.

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