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Is Paint Protection Film Right For You?

Is Paint Protection Film Right For You?

Here at Shade9 we help new car owners protect their vehicle so they can stay looking awesome for years to come! With the investment of money and time spent in purchasing a new vehicle it is important to take necessary steps to protect it. Read below to determine if paint protection film would be a fit for your vehicle.

Reason’s Paint Protection Film Is For You?

  • You keep vehicles for a longer amount of time

  • You appreciate a like-new looking cars

  • You hate rock chips, door dings, and scratches

  • You have a lot of highway driving

  • You value sustainability

  • You appreciate ease of cleaning

Reason’s Paint Protection Film Might Not Be For You?

  • You lease with no intention of buying out the lease

  • Don’t care how your car looks

  • Desire absolutely “show car award winning paint” -- you want Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film is like a screen protector for your car. Most people invest in this to protect their phone, so why not invest to protect your even larger purchase on a vehicle.

For paint protection film pricing and ceramic coating packages visit us at or Get a Quote Here

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