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Home Window Tinting To Reduce Glare in Morgantown, WV


This beautiful home in Morgantown, West Virginia was experiencing extreme heat and glare issues coming in through the numerous sliding doors on the residence. The blinding glare made the afternoon hours uncomfortable and the extreme heat entering through these windows created hotspots in the home during the summer months. The customer was also interested in finding a film that would provide some daytime privacy to their home.


After obtaining measurements of these home windows, we provided a quote for Llumar Residential Window Film. For this particular home in Morgantown, WV we went with Dual Reflective 35.


Dual Reflective 35% addresses this home's glare and heat concerns while providing some daytime privacy window tint for this customer. Adding this solar window film has reduced energy cost, and made the home more comfortable throughout the different times of the day. Llumar Window Films include a lifetime warranty on all residential applications.

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