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Faded Floors in Your West Virginia Home: What Can Be Done?

If you want to save your furniture from damage due to UV rays, having residential window tinting film is an easy way. It can prevent the fading or cracking of furnishings, works of art and drapes by filtering out harmful UV rays. Furniture, rugs, drapes and carpets are susceptible to the extra light entering your home, and even if you aren’t letting in direct sunlight, UV rays can still have devastating effects. With the high elevations, and trendiness of large open windows, fading furniture, floors, and decor is becoming more and more common in West Virginia homes.

Sun Damage to Furniture and Flooring

You can check whether sunlight has caused damage to your interior, by taking a picture from the wall and observe whether the decorative color under the picture is more vibrant than the surrounding wall. Alternatively, if you have wood floors, lift an area rug to see if the wood underneath is darker than the surrounding wood tone.

Visible light, solar heat, and ultraviolet rays all contribute to damaging furnishings by causing fading. The breakdown of damage caused by this sunlight is:

  • Ultraviolet rays – 40 percent

  • Solar heat – 25 percent

  • Visible light – 25 percent

  • Other – 10 percent

Blocking Sunlight

One way to protect your furniture and flooring from fading is to add heavy blinds, drapes, or curtains. While this helps prevent damage, many don’t like how it darkens up the home. Many homeowners often face the conundrum of wanting to enjoy natural light, but want to protect their home from UV damage. Window film lets you enjoy natural light and the lovely views of West Virginia you love from your home windows–all while greatly reducing the risk of fading to your hardwood flooring and furniture.

Window Tinting or Film to Prevent Fading Flooring & Furniture

Adding residential tinting can be a great option while also making your home look more fashionable, pleasing to the eye, and more energy efficient. At Shade9 Window Tinting, we want you to know that 99% of UVA and UVB rays are blocked with our residential window film. Our product is engineered to work on every form of sunlight and heat, meaning your belongings will be protected all summer long. Here at Shade9 Window Tinting we only install top quality residential window films, which will provide you the best benefits. We also have a wide range of darkness's available to choose a film darkness that will provide you the heat rejection, and glare reduction desired.

Ready to Protect Your Home?

Shade9 Window Tinting provides residential window tinting to the state of West Virginia, with over 100 5-star Google Reviews you can rest assured you are receiving top quality products and services when you choose us at Shade9.

If you need Residential Window Tinting today, please call Shade9 Window Tinting today or get a quote. You can also follow Shade9 Window Tinting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

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