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Ceramic Pro Gold Package Coating: 2023 Land Rover Defender

This beautiful 2023 Land Rover Defender came to us here at Shade9 for a Ceramic Pro Coating and Ceramic Window Tint. This customer went with the Ceramic Pro Gold Package which includes a lifetime warranty and protection on the painted surfaces, wheels, plastic trim, lights, and front windshield. We also applied our premium ceramic window tint on all side and back windows of this vehicle.

After our decontamination wash and prep for coating, this vehicle went into our coating bay. This particular package receives 4 layers of Ceramic Pro's flagship product "9H" as well as a layer of topcoat to create an ultra-glossy surface. Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is then applied to the vehicles wheel faces as well as all plastic trim being coated. Lastly we top this vehicle off with Ceramic Pro Glass on the front windshield which creates a hydrophobic surface that makes driving in the rain and cleaning bug guts a breeze.

This vehicle received our luxury ceramic window tint. This ceramic window tint provides the greatest heat rejection as well as 99% UV protection. We applied Llumar Air80 film to the back of this vehicle to keep the existing look of the factory tint. This film is a 80% film which is virtually clear but provides outstanding protection.

If you are looking for ceramic coatings, paint protection films, and automotive window tinting we are your top-rated shop! Our clients come from Bridgeport WV, Morgantown WV, Fairmont WV, Charleston WV, Parkersburg WV and more to get unmatched protection!

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