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Bomb blast mitigation films


Enhance Your Building's Safety with Advanced Blast Mitigation Film

In today's world, terrorist attacks and natural disasters present significant risks not only to U.S. Government facilities such as federal buildings and military bases, but also to shopping malls, schools, cultural institutions, places of worship, corporate offices, and many other locations. The glass in these buildings is often the most vulnerable and hazardous entry point. It is essential for property managers and owners to be prepared for any eventuality.

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Effective Blast Mitigation for Glass


LLumar Commercial Security and Safety Window Films are expertly crafted to deter criminal activity. Our robust polyester-based security film is rigorously tested to withstand impacts from a 100-pound object dropped from heights of 18-48 inches, significantly boosting resistance to breakage and minimizing injuries from shattered glass. Additionally, the durability of our films is demonstrated using a 9.1-pound steel ball dropped from 59-118 inches to simulate forced entry attempts.

These films effectively keep broken glass in place, obstructing the quick access needed for smash-and-grab thefts. Criminals will require nearly double the time to penetrate windows protected by LLumar security film, even when using blunt objects or firearms. This delay often discourages them from targeting your business, prompting them to seek out easier opportunities elsewhere.

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GSA Testing Standards

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LLumar Security Window Film: Offering a range of thicknesses from 4-Mil to 13-Mil, our LLumar Security Window Film is a reliable choice for safeguarding your commercial property. When applied to the interior glass surface, this durable, see-through barrier not only bolsters security but also provides peace of mind.

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Wet Glaze Security Window Film: Enhance safety affordably with our Wet Glaze Security Window Film. Utilizing Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive in a wet glaze application along the perimeter, we securely anchor the film to the frame, significantly boosting your building's safety measures.

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Full Attachment System Security Window Film: Trusted in military bases, police precincts, and high-security workplaces, this comprehensive window film solution delivers unparalleled protection.

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