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Protect Your Car with Quality Automotive Window Tinting in west virginia

Shade9 is the leading source in the Bridgeport and surrounding area for window tinting. We have been proud to meet and provide services to more than 3,000 vehicles a year! Here at Shade9 we can tint any glass whether in your car, truck, boat, RV, home or office. We invite you to check out our 100+ Google Reviews and see experiences from our previous customers!

 We give you many choices offering the largest selection of premier window films in Bridgeport. Shade9 is the only window tint facility in the area that is a Llumar SelectPro Dealer. We are also insured and licensed so you can feel safe your investment is in good hands with us.

workmanship & warranty guarantee 


At Shade9, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Our premium window films come with a  nationwide warranty ensuring that your window film will never delaminate, discolor, fade, or peel. Any Llumar shop across the nation will honor this warranty. Additionally, we guarantee our workmanship and will fix any unsightly defects or bubbles for free. We are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations. To make the best decision for your window tint needs, it's important to choose the right product and dealer for installation.


llumar selectpro dealer for bridgeport, wv


High Performance Films are High Quality Films

What does that mean?  We are proud to be part of the Elite Trusted Dealer Network, recognized for our high standards of business and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. As a LLumar SelectPro Dealer, we are able to offer the exclusive line of FormulaOne Auto Tint. To qualify for this status, we have been evaluated on our customer experience and have demonstrated a track record of providing an outstanding in-shop experience, including personalized consultations and expert installations of an average of 2,100 vehicles per year. We have exclusive access to advanced window tint products and technology.

Our partnership with LLumar, allows us to offer our customers the best of the best in technology, products, and up-to-date training. We are grateful for such a great partner in the industry.

what window tint tint is legal in west Virginia?

Window tinting your vehicle is legal in the state of West Virginia. However, it is important to note how dark of window tint is legal. Below the darkness's of window film are listed for each specific vehicle type and application. If you still have questions about what is legal for you vehicle, reach out to team here at Shade9!

Small Cars & Hatchbacks


Small Cars 

Front Windows: 35%

Back Windows: 35%

Back Windshield: 35%

Trucks & SUV

SUVs and Trucks

Front Windows: 35%

Back Windows: Any Darkness

Back Windshield: Any Darkness

Front Windshield


Front Windshields

Non-reflective tint allowed on the top 5 inches of the windshield

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