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Serving the state of West Virginia

Frosted window films are a popular solution for offices, pools, gyms, and retail stores. Frosted window films provide you the frosted glass appearance at a much lower cost than buying frosted glass. 

Frosted window films are great for a low maintenance alternative to curtains and blinds, as they provide the privacy on windows and doors while still allowing natural light to come through.

Shade9 Window Tinting is a film installation company based out of Bridgeport, WV and serve the full state of West Virginia. We specialize in installation of frosted and solar window films.

Whether you want the frosted glass appearance for privacy in a medical office or retail store the team at Shade9 will be able to provide you an affordable solution to increase privacy.

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Frosted Window Film: About
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One of the most sought after features of frosted films is privacy. This makes it a perfect choice from bathrooms, bedrooms, and other areas where privacy is needed.


By reducing the amount of light coming inside, frosted window films help reduce solar heat. Frosted window films also help protect you home or office, as these film block 99% of harmful UV rays


Frosted window film comes in many different designs, colors, and patterns. Add a unique and custom touch with this film

Frosted Window Film: Features

popular applications for frost window film

  • Glass partitions

  • Retail displays

  • Walkways

  • Office doors

  • Conference rooms

  • Private spaces

  • Store Fronts

Decorative Films are used for:

  • Make glass surfaces clearly and beautifully visible

  • Allow light in while reducing visual intrusion

  • Eliminate the need for blinds while maintaining the aesthetics of a building’s environment

  • To delineate passageways

  • Enhance safety in public spaces

  • Add flexibility to displays

  • Customize a space with a corporate logo or signage

Flexible Designs

Here at shade9 we offer flexible design choices for architects and interior designers as we have film choices available in a wide range of styles & Designs

Cost Effective Solutions

Frost and decorative window films offer a cost effective solution by allowing you to customize a space for a lower cost than custom etched glass. Our window films are also removable making it a great option for leased properties.

easy to maintance

Once applied our frost window films here at shade9 are easily cleaned with a traditional glass cleaner

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