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commercial window tinting in morgantown, wv

Our commercial window tinting services offer many benefits, including reducing energy costs, increasing privacy and security, protecting your merchandise and equipment from harmful UV rays, and improving the appearance of your building. We use only the highest-quality window tinting films, and our team is trained to provide precise installation for optimal results. If you're looking for commercial window tinting services in Morgantown, WV, look no further than our team here at Shade9. 

commercial window tinting installation 

Commercial window film in Morgantown, WV serves several functions, including reducing heat and glare from sunlight, increasing energy efficiency, improving security, and enhancing the building's appearance.

The type of film chosen depends on the specific requirements of the building, but popular options in Morgantown include solar control films for heat and glare reduction, security films for window reinforcement and increased break resistance, and decorative films for privacy and aesthetic enhancements.


our process


Examination of the location, windows, and clients desires are collected. This is either done through in person walk throughs or provided pictures


Our team puts together a quote with choices and pricing that is provided. 


Installation is scheduled once materials are ordered after the client has paid a 50% deposit


Our install the film per specifications and clean the interior of the windows.


Final walkthrough is made for a quality check. Final payment is made.


privacy window tinting for commercial properties

Enhance the privacy and appearance of your business in Morgantown, WV with our professional privacy window tinting services. We offer high-quality tinting options that cater to your specific needs, from subtle privacy enhancements to complete blackout tinting.

Our privacy window tint also provides additional benefits, such as reducing heat and glare from sunlight and increasing energy efficiency, helping you save on utility bills. Our expert installers can assist you in choosing the right tinting option for your business.

energy saving window tinting for offices

Here at Shade9, our high-quality window tinting film helps to reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that penetrate your building, allowing for a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment. By blocking out unwanted heat and glare, our window tinting film can reduce your building's cooling costs. 

  • How long does it take to install commercial window tinting?
    The installation time for commercial window tinting can vary depending on the size of the windows and the complexity of the installation. However, most installations can be completed within a day.
  • How much does commercial window tinting cost?
    The cost of commercial window tinting depends on the size of the windows, the type of film used, and the complexity of the installation. However, in the long run, the energy savings and other benefits of window tinting can outweigh the initial cost.
  • Will commercial window tinting affect the natural light that enters my building?
    Depending on the type of film used, commercial window tinting can affect the amount of natural light that enters your building. However, many films are designed to block UV rays and reduce glare without significantly reducing natural light.
  • Can commercial window tinting be installed on all types of windows?
    Yes, commercial window tinting can be installed on most types of windows, including single-pane, double-pane, and tempered glass windows. Specific window film is needed for certain window types, so professional installation is recommended.
  • Can commercial window tinting help improve the energy efficiency of my building?
    Yes, commercial window tinting can help improve the energy efficiency of your building by reducing the amount of heat that enters the building, which can help reduce the need for air conditioning and lower energy costs.
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