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Ceramic Pro Coatings Bridgeport, WV

Here at Shade9 in Bridgeport, WV we are passionate about protecting your investment. That’s why we use the best products available on the market and are certified installers of Ceramic Pro. Ceramic Pro provides the paint protection your vehicle craves. It creates a sacrificial layer of protection between your vehicle’s paint and the hazardous elements out on the roads in West Virginia including the sun’s harmful UV rays, sand, road salt, insects, dirt and debris. It uses nanotechnology to give your vehicle hydrophobic properties making dirt and grime slide right off, keeping your maintenance time and costs at an all-time low

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Protection Against Elements

Dust and Surface contaminates are repelled from the surface of your vehicle once our Ceramic Pro Coatings are applied


Your application of Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings here at Shade9 are registered through Ceramic Pro Nationwide. Additionally our coatings will appear on your CarFax!

Add Depth, Improve Shine, and Clarity

Ceramic coatings give your vehicle an ultra glossy "wet like" appearance. Therefore your paint is enhances and improves shine for years to come.

UV Protection 

UV damage causes dull paint, and discoloration. Ceramic Coatings provide 99% UV protection to the surface of your vehicle.

Superior Hydrophobic Formula

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic meaning waters, oils, corrosive, and much more will bead off your top coat. 

Easy Maintenance

The slick, nonstick surface makes cleaning a breeze. This means less time washing and more time enjoying your car.

Ceramic Coating Packages


Lifetime Warranty 


5 Year Warranty


2 Year Warranty


6 Month Warranty


What are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are the new way to protect the paint on your vehicle, boat, RV, home or aircraft. Whether your vehicle is used in a harsh environment or exposed to elements frequently, ceramic coatings will protect its surface. Ceramic coatings create an extremely durable and protective layer; separating your vehicles paint and interior surfaces from the harsh elements of the environment.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology refers to the manufacturing and engineering of structures that are nanoscale. In the case of coatings, this is beneficial because characteristics such as hardness, lightness, smoothness, and heat resistance can be manipulated to be greatly enhanced.

How Are Ceramic Coatings Different from Waxes and Synthetic Sealants?

 When it comes to choosing the right protection for your vehicle, knowing the difference between coatings, waxes, and sealants can help you make sure that you are getting the best product for your car.  


Wax has been around since the dawn of auto detailing and probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Waxes add a shine to your vehicle, but don't offer near the protection and hardness that you will receive with ceramic coatings.


We like to make this analogy: Imagine standing on a gravel road and rolling a candle down it. The candle would pick up dirt, gravel, and other debris that would be embedded in the surface. Candles are made with wax. The same properties apply to your paint. Dirt and debris attract to wax.

Synthetic Sealants

Synthetic sealants are man-made and polymer-based which adhere and bind to clear-coat. They are purposely designed for longevity and protection against UV Rays and elements of our environment. They can last anywhere from 2 months up to 8-12 months depending which you choose, this is significantly less that what you can expect with professional grade ceramic coatings.

Why is Ceramic Pro the #1 Choice For Coatings?

Ceramic Pro differs from virtually every other coating on the market due to the fact that it is SGS Tested and proven for its hardness. It's also unique in the fact that 9H (the durable hard layer) is multi-layerable. This means that it can be stacked on top of itself, offering a much thicker and durable layer of protection than any other coating on the market. 9H also contains about 70% silica, which gives it a more glossy look and feel when compared to coatings. Ceramic Pro's 9H is multi-layerable, meaning that you don't need to worry about maintaining the coating after it has been applied. Each layer can be applied as many times as needed for additional protection and durability, without affecting your level of hydrophobicity or UV blocking ability. Other coatings on the market are single layer and are not engineered to stack on top of the other. This makes our coating a great choice for those who value quality over quantity!

How Long Do Ceramic Coatings Last?

The longevity of ceramic coatings depends on a couple variables; the first being the type of coating you choose to have us apply, and how many layers it has. We recommend once a coating is applied, washing your vehicle on a regular basis at our Bridgeport facility for your washing maintenance, or on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to maintain the coating and apply an extra layer of protection to keep your paint in the best shape it possibly can. If someone runs their car through a tunnel wash, hand wash service or automatic car wash which uses harsh soaps, dirty mitts/sponges, detergents or abrasion through brushes, this will compromise the coatings lifespan by half and void the warranty as well as increase the risk factor for scratching the vehicle.

What Coatings Do We Offer?

How Do Ceramic Coatings Work?

Here at Shade9 we exclusively offer Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings. We feel that Ceramic Pro products are currently the industry leader and provides our customers with extreme protection and results.

Ceramic coatings work through the use of nanotechnology, during the process molecules and atoms are manipulated to optimize temperature resistance and hardness. This gives ceramic coatings their hydrophobic properties that cause the surface to repel water and debris. The amount of hydrophobia that occurs on the surface depends on its anchor pattern.

An anchor pattern is the profile of a surface. When put under a microscope every surface has a formation of "peaks and valleys". Your vehicles factory paint has an anchor pattern that generally has long peaks and valleys. The deeper the valleys, the greater chance of particles in the environment embedding themselves into the surface causing corrosion. Once ceramic coatings are applied over your vehicles factory paint, the valleys are short peaked and form a protective "glass-like" layer above your clear coat. The smaller anchor pattern also leads to an extremely smooth surface to the touch. 

What Preparation is Needed for Ceramic Coating

Here at Shade9 we recommend having your vehicle as close to perfect as possible before applying any time of paint protection. If scratches or imperfections are not removed prior, they will be trapped in after application of ceramic coating. Depending on the condition of your vehicle we have a wide range of paint correction services available. Our paint correction services range from a starter polish which is generally used for new or low mileage vehicles, to more extensive two stage paint corrections to remove deeper swirl markers and scratches.

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