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- discount cards to share with friends & Family
- earn redeemable points on referals
- exclusive gear

We value every relationship, all of the support of our loyal Shade9 Family Customers. We are looking for people who are active in sharing our services by word of mouth, on social media, and to events! 

the details

We are excited to offer an ambassador program to those who want to represent and embrace our brand. If selected to represent us, you will become a brand ambassador for Shade9 LLC. This program allows you to receive a discount on your Shade9 Services. Through this program you can earn points back on referral sales that you bring in. These referrals can be word of mouth, over social media, or another unique avenue. You will receive in-store credit for each referred sale to spend on on future services or merchandise.

Shade9's brand ambassador program is extremely selective. Not all who apply will be accepted as we want to establish partnerships with influential members of the community to positively promote our services and deliver quality marketing content.

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