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Tesla Services

We are your #1 choice for caring for your Tesla in North Central West Virginia. Here at Shade9 in Bridgeport, WV we are proud to be specialists in Tesla paint protection films, ceramic coatings, and ceramic window tint services, We provide Top Tier protection products for your Tesla! 

Unlike other vehicles, Tesla requires special focus, and a skilled hand to properly dial in. We have the experience to safely and effectively carry out the process, leaving you with the absolute highest possible result.


Tesla Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Films help keep your vehicle in showroom shine condition! Otherwise known as clear bra, clear paint protection film is self-healing and will protect your car’s original paint from the elements. Paint protection film prevents damage from rock chips, bugs, tar and minor scratches. Many customers pair paint protection film on their high-impact areas (bumpers, hoods, mirrors) with our ceramic coating services! We are known for our high quality install with edges wrapped and tucked when possible.  We offer Llumar Paint Protection Film for a gloss finish.


If your vehicle is matte, or you desire the matte look, you can opt for our Matte PPF Products! 

tesla ppf

Benefits of ppf on your tesla:

  • Protects your paint from road debris

  • Minimizes damage from door dings

  • Saves thousands in paint repairs

  • Heals itself when exposed to heat

  • Keeps your Tesla in mint condition

Tesla Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coating is a technically advanced permanent protective coating. We offer full services for the application of the industry leading Ceramic Pro Coatings. Ceramic coating technology is harder than your vehicles clear coat and extremely scratch resistant. It protects your vehicle from scratches and prevents contaminants from penetrating the protective barrier. The Ceramic Coating we install is focused on durability. The formula is chemically engineered and focused to be the more durable than anything else on the market. Our Ceramic Pro Coatings are also registered with your CarFax for a nationwide, transferrable warranty! 

Benefits of ceramic coating your tesla:

  • Protects your paint from fading due to harmful UV Rays

  • Makes Cleaning a Breeze

  • Reduces the number of scratches

  • Sheds different types of road debris

  • Prevents harmful substances from staining your Tesla’s paint job

  • Makes your Tesla shine like a diamond

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
tesla cermic cating

Tesla Window Tinting

Our window tint technicians are trained in specialized techniques for window tinting installation on Tesla's to give you the highest quality service available. All of our installs are backed by Llumar's Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.

Why Tint Your Tesla?

  • Prevents Battery Drain

  • Reduces Sun Glare

  • Uses Less A/C 

  • Increases Mileage Per Charge

  • Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

  • Maintain Cool Cabin (style and temperature)

wndowtining tesla
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