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Tesla paint protection and TINTING in west Virginia 

We take pride in being your top choice for Tesla care in North Central West Virginia. Located in Bridgeport, WV, Shade9 specializes in Tesla paint protection films, ceramic coatings, and ceramic window tint services. Our commitment is to deliver top-tier protection solutions for your Tesla.

When it comes to Tesla, we understand that it demands special attention and expertise. Rest assured, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle the process safely and effectively, ensuring you receive the utmost quality results.

tesla ownership

Tesla Model owners in Bridgeport, WV, are typically thrilled with their purchase. Tesla vehicles are unique, drawing attention wherever they go. However, this attention can be uncomfortable.



That's where Shade9 comes in, offering window tinting for privacy, comfort, and protection from extreme temperatures. In Bridgeport, WV, window tint is a top priority for Tesla owners to combat scorching summers and excess glass. Shade9 provides answers to common questions about window tinting for Tesla vehicles.


safely tinting a tesla


An essential aspect of the installation process on a Tesla in Bridgeport, WV, is the preservation of the electrical system, electronics, and the integrity of the glass. When it comes to the electrical system and electronics, they demand maximum protection and tender loving care. That includes safeguarding the dash, screen, and all the electronic components in the vehicle, particularly around the front windshield.

At Shade9, we utilize the right equipment and follow precise procedures to shield the vulnerable areas of your vehicle from any unwanted water or moisture. This ensures that your prized possession remains shielded against any accidents or potential damage.

Shade9 is a fully insured company, and we strongly recommend ensuring that the window film installation professional or company you choose is also fully insured. This step is essential in case anything were to go wrong with your vehicle during or after the installation. Opting for an uninsured individual or business could potentially leave you with a substantial bill if any mishap were to occur.


tesla model's

Whether you drive a Model S, X, or any other Tesla model in Bridgeport, WV, it's important to do your homework beforehand. Take the time to get answers to your questions from a skilled and experienced professional, whether it's one of our Shade9 team members or another trained expert.

Of course, every window tint professional has to start somewhere, and there's a first time for everything. Even we at Shade9 had our first encounter with a Tesla at one point. But, our twelve years of experience prior to that moment came in really handy. We understood it was a unique challenge, and we knew we had to take extra precautions during the installation process.

We had heard all the stories about things going awry when tinting these vehicles. Our professionals were committed to ensuring they knew how to prep the vehicle properly and had all the necessary equipment at their disposal. Our technicians worked diligently to refine their techniques to provide each customer with the best experience possible.

Today, we are proud to say that we've completed hundreds of successful Tesla installations in Bridgeport, WV, and have truly mastered the process.

To find out more about the range of services we offer, including wraps and ceramic coating, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Shade9 today!

choose only the best film for your tesla

You might be aware that there are countless window film options on the market today, potentially leaving you in a state of confusion about which one to select. We'd like to make that choice simpler for you. For us, the answer is clear: Llumar Ceramic Window Films.

However, we understand that this might be an overwhelming decision for you.

Shade9 is proud to be an Authorized Llumar Window Film Dealer serving Bridgeport, WV. Llumar Window Films are, without a doubt, among the top-notch window film manufacturers and providers we've ever had the privilege to work with.

quality matters

One aspect that Shade9 admires about Llumar Window Films is their unwavering dedication to their core values. Llumar Window Film wholeheartedly supports each of their Authorized Dealers and the products they offer to customers like you. What sets them apart is their inclusion of a Limited Lifetime Warranty with every product. This warranty covers any issues such as bubbling, peeling, fading, discoloration, and corrosion. You can trust that the window film is fully protected by this warranty, and it will be promptly replaced without any questions if it exhibits any of these traits.

Llumar makes it a breeze for dealers, just like Shade9, to take the best care of their customers and equips us with the necessary tools and resources to provide exceptional service. Together, Llumar Window Films and Shade9 are here to deliver the ultimate tinting experience for you.


what type of tint should i put on my tesla?

At Shade9, we're dedicated to providing you with knowledge. We believe it's crucial for you to be well-informed about your choices and benefit from insights shared by a trusted professional.

When it concerns your Tesla in Bridgeport, WV, we wholeheartedly recommend nothing less than a Ceramic Window Film. Just as you didn't compromise when you purchased your Tesla, we won't let you compromise when it comes to your window tint. Rest assured, we've got your back with our New Tesla Model Protection Guide!​​​

ceramic tint: Explained

Our cutting-edge ceramic window tint, available in a range of sophisticated shades, allows you to achieve the exact aesthetic you desire. Each stylish shade is combined with ceramic technology, ensuring exceptional heat rejection, glare control, and UV protection, all while remaining free of metal components, so it won't interfere with signals from your electronic devices.

If you want your vehicle to stand out, ceramic auto tints are the perfect choice. Our films are crafted to the highest standards, incorporating elements such as color-stable dye and robust adhesive. Watch the video to explore more about the intricacies of our ceramic window tint, and get in touch with a dealer today to inquire about pricing and installation.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding heat rejection

  • 99% UV rejection*

  • Uninterrupted and straightforward connectivity

  • Customizable style

  • Helps minimize fading

  • Enhances privacy


Tesla Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Films help keep your vehicle in showroom shine condition! Otherwise known as clear bra, clear paint protection film is self-healing and will protect your car’s original paint from the elements. Paint protection film prevents damage from rock chips, bugs, tar and minor scratches. Many customers pair paint protection film on their high-impact areas (bumpers, hoods, mirrors) with our ceramic coating services! We are known for our high quality install with edges wrapped and tucked when possible.  We offer Llumar Paint Protection Film for a gloss finish.

Benefits of ppf on your tesla:

  • Protects your paint from road debris & rock chips

  • Makes Cleaning a Breeze

  • Reduces the number of scratches

  • Sheds different types of road debris

  • Prevents harmful substances from staining your Tesla’s paint job

  • Makes your Tesla shine like a diamond

tesla ppf

Tesla Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Ceramic Coating is a technically advanced permanent protective coating. We offer full services for the application of the industry leading Ceramic Pro Coatings. Ceramic coating technology is harder than your vehicles clear coat and extremely scratch resistant. It protects your vehicle from scratches and prevents contaminants from penetrating the protective barrier. The Ceramic Coating we install is focused on durability. The formula is chemically engineered and focused to be the more durable than anything else on the market. Our Ceramic Pro Coatings are also registered with your CarFax for a nationwide, transferrable warranty! 

Benefits of ceramic coating your tesla:

  • Protects your paint from fading due to harmful UV Rays

  • Makes Cleaning a Breeze

  • Reduces the number of scratches

  • Sheds different types of road debris

  • Prevents harmful substances from staining your Tesla’s paint job

  • Makes your Tesla shine like a diamond

tesla cermic cating

Tesla Window Tinting

Our window tint technicians are trained in specialized techniques for window tinting installation on Tesla's to give you the highest quality service available. All of our installs are backed by Llumar's Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.

Why Tint Your Tesla?

  • Prevents Battery Drain

  • Reduces Sun Glare

  • Uses Less A/C 

  • Increases Mileage Per Charge

  • Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

  • Maintain Cool Cabin (style and temperature)

wndowtining tesla
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