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Why Upgrade to Ceramic Window Tint

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Ceramic Window Tint on this Dodge Durango providing 88% heat rejection

Ceramic window tint claims to be better in almost every way. But is it? I will explain the technical aspects and numbers behind the film below, but speaking from touch this film is much thicker than the dyed or outdated metallic films on the market.

Dark doesn’t always outperform

This comes as a surprise to many people, but window film doesn’t have to be dark to perform. Current technology and advancements in the market of ceramic window film have created a virtually clear window film that give you the many benefits of window tint without the classic “dark window tint look”. Ceramic window tint blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, which are the leading known cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging, and also causes fading and cracking of automotive interiors.

Always in the Shade

If there is one thing that ceramic window tint on your vehicle or home does better than any of its competition is heat rejection. With a heat rejection rating of 80% ceramic window tint performs 15% better than any of the best options before it. The benefits for your vehicle include keeping the temperature of your own car down significantly when exposed to a lot of sun. This means in theory you are always parked in the shade. For your home or business, the energy savings are enormous. Your windows will have a huge boost in efficiency, reducing the demand on your A/C unit and shrinking energy cost.

Less Fuel Consumption

By reducing the heat in your car, you will ride in greater comfort while finding yourself not having to run the air conditioning system as often therefore improving fuel efficiency.

Tinted from the factory vs. High performance window film

The difference between these two are so great--Factory glass tinting is intended to provide privacy and does not provide complete solar control or UV protections like window film. Factory glass tinting is actually just a dyed glass from the automotive manufacturer, and is often present on newer SUVs and trucks. Children and pets are often occupying these rear seats with this factory glass, therefore it is important to add high performance window film to these windows. If your front windows have window film on them (even if it is a brand new vehicle), this is more than likely a service your dealership provided to you, and usually not actually high performance window film such as ceramic window tint.

To break down the actual numbers of ceramic tint:

Heat Reduction: 85% heat reduction, this means it blocks out 85% of the heat outside your vehicle

UV Protection: 99% UV protection. This blocks out almost all cancer-causing UV rays

Window Protection: Shatterproof layer and scratch resistant layer

If you are still unsure of how these benefits could help you, give us a call at 304-710-0380 or stop by our shop to try our heat lap demonstration and test the ceramic film for yourself!

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