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Ceramic Pro Home Coatings

Our proprietary Ceramic Pro products are designed to protect and beautify your home. With a surface hardness of 9H, our ceramic glass coating will protect your surfaces without sacrificing the beauty of your home or the ease that you need on a daily basis. Ceramic coating is a multi-purpose protective finish that provides durability, stain resistance and beauty to your surfaces. We are Certified Ceramic Pro installers and provide professional, detailed attention in all that we do.

Home Ceramic Coating Benefits

Prevent Stains and Scratches on Marble and Granite Countertops

Maintains Pristine Look of Stainless Steal

Create Sanitary Surface on Countertops

Repeals Liquids on Fabrics 

Prevents Mineral Water Marks In Glass Showers

Extremely Easy Cleaning on Ultra Slick Surfaces

Protection From Outdoor Elements on Grill or Outdoor Furniture

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